Saw Palmetto 101

Saw Palmetto 101

Saw Palmetto 101

by: Douglas McKinney, MD

About the size of a grape, hanging from a small palm tree, the reddish-black Saw Palmetto berry looks unpretentious and unremarkable. Yet to millions of men around the world, the fruit of the Saw Palmetto is worth its weight in gold.

The Saw Palmetto Berry is acclaimed as the answer to long-term prostate health. In clinical studies, it has been documented to help maintain prostate function and normal urinary flow. And in real life, it is relied on by thousands of men to help maintain a healthy prostate and a high quality of life.

Ancient wisdom meets modern medicine.

Records from as early as the 1600s document Native Americans' vast knowledge of herbal medicines. The use of Saw Palmetto was probably passed from Native Americans to early European settlers and was first formally documented in 1906. Since then, Saw Palmetto has been researched in Europe for its benefits in supporting prostate health. Today, it is used widely throughout Europe, New Zealand and the United States.

Get to know Saw Palmetto.

Real Health's original Prostate Formula contains Saw Palmetto Berry Powder. After the Saw Palmetto berries are harvested, they are dried and turned into a powder. This is the traditional method of preparing Saw Palmetto, which provides all the benefits of the whole herb, and offers a gentle approach to prostate health.

Real Health's Prostate CX Formula uses Standardized Saw Palmetto Berry Extract. Standardized extract is the most powerful and consistent form of the Saw Palmetto herb. To create the extract, the fatty acids and sterols are processed out of the whole berry, then refined and tested to produce a specific amount of the those ingredients (standardized). You get a targeted and strong form of the ingredient, well-documented in clinical studies to support prostate health.

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