Quality Assurance

Because the nutritional supplement industry is not regulated like the pharmaceutical industry, independent laboratory testing of a finished product is quite rare. Subsequently, nutritional supplement products available in stores tend to vary greatly in quality. For consumers this means that the supplements they choose may or may not contain the quantities of ingredients indicated, that the potency of the ingredients may be under- or over-stated, or that the product's quality, purity, and potency may vary from lot to lot.

At Real Health Laboratories, we have developed and implemented a set of Quality Standards to insure our customers receive the highest quality, most effective and safest supplement every time. Random samples from each product lot are sent to an independent laboratory for rigorous analytical testing, and all ingredients with established methods are randomly tested.

When the Real Health name is on the package, you know you can feel confident of what's inside.

  1. Ingredient Quality - The raw ingredients incorporated into our formulas are obtained from suppliers who routinely provide the highest quality products available for purchase. Each supplier must meet our strict vendor qualification program
  2. Manufacturing Facilities - Our products are manufactured in pharmaceutically-licensed facilities, ensuring they are monitored more closely and held to higher standards than supplements not produced in this type of facility. Our manufacturing and quality control requirements exceed those put forth by the government for nutritional supplements.
  3. USP-Grade Materials - Real Health Laboratories uses United States Pharmacopoeia (USP)-grade ingredients (where applicable). The USP was formed to establish uniform standards for selected materials to be used as medicines, drugs, or supplements. These standards establish the identity, strength, and purity of the selected materials for the benefit of physicians, pharmacists, and consumers. Not all ingredients have established USP guidelines and some that do are not commercially available. Real Health Laboratories uses USP-grade material whenever possible to ensure the quality of our finished products.
  4. Formula Validation - Real Health Laboratories doesn't produce products merely because they are the newest trends. We carefully research the ingredients to ensure that science and a strong history of traditional use point to their efficacy and safety.
  5. Laboratory Tested - Many variables can affect the finished product during manufacturing. To ensure quality, every lot of finished product is sent for analysis by an independent laboratory, using analytical methods widely accepted by the scientific community. Any product that does not meet our strict standards is rejected.