About Us


About Us:

Since 1994 Real Health has worked to provide solutions to improve the health and well-being of our customers.  We strive to offer only high-quality solutions to address both the specific and general health needs of you and your family.

The company started with just one product, The Prostate Formula, a unique and comprehensive supplement designed to help men combat the prostate problems that often come with age.  As one of the first to introduce a supplement for prostate health, we’ve built this product into one of the top selling prostate products in the United States.  Since then we developed and added additional products especially designed for women’s and children’s health.

We continue to focus on developing new and innovative products that meet the needs of our customers.  Our products all follow our mission of combining science and nature to provide a high-quality product that stands up to strong research as well as extensive testing and trials. 

The Real Health team is committed to the long-term health and happiness of all of our customers.  Whether through our comprehensive, research-based formulations, our stringent quality control standards or our personal customer service, each day we strive to provide our customers with the best nutrition to help enhance their quality of life.


Our Promises to You:

  • You get the most effective solutions known today. Ingredients in Real Health's formulas have been proven effective through long-term traditional use and respected scientific studies.
  • You can trust Real Health for potency and purity - from product to product and bottle to bottle. After manufacture, each lot of finished product is independently analyzed to ensure potency and purity.
  • You get the highest quality ingredients available. All ingredients are carefully selected, then subjected to our rigorous qualification process before being included in our products.
  • You can use Real Health products together, safely. All Real Health supplements are formulated to work together, safely and effectively.
  • You will receive outstanding service. Every Real Health representative is dedicated to your complete satisfaction.