Healthy Directions for Men

Healthy Directions for Men

Healthy Directions for Men

The reluctance of men to ask directions on the highway is legendary. We appear to have the same reluctance when it comes to asking directions about our health. Men, in general, are less likely than women to visit the doctor for a regular check-up.

As a medical doctor myself, I know the importance of improving and maintaining your health as you age. Annual exams are important for men as well as women. But the “do-it-yourselfers” will be happy to know that there’s much you can do to take charge of your own health. Here’s a short list of the most critical health issues for men:

Cardiovascular health. Take a proactive step toward a healthy heart: Learn the risks and symptoms of cardiovascular disease at the American Heart Association web site ( Exercise and a good diet are important first steps to protecting your cardiovascular health.

Prostate health. Prostate problems are a common concern for men, particularly after age 40 - and they can certainly limit your enjoyment of life. One of the most typical concerns is frequent urination, day and night. If you’re over age 40, be sure to do everything you can to protect your prostate:

  • Get routine medical examinations.
  • Ask your doctor about your prostate health and whether or not you require a PSA exam.
  • Use a daily supplement, such as Real Health’s original Prostate Formula™ or The Prostate CX Formula™, to protect and support your prostate health.

Colon health. Awareness of the importance of colon health and related concerns is rapidly growing in the U.S. Regular colorectal screening is recommended for all men over 50, and even earlier if you have family history or other risk factors. Remember, regular testing and a few simple, healthy choices can make all the difference.

Nutrition, diet and exercise. A comprehensive daily multivitamin like The Real Health Essentials Formula can also help you get all the daily vitamins you need.

Go light on the salt, sugar and alcohol.. A comprehensive daily multivitamin like The Real Health Essentials Formula can also help you get all the daily vitamins you need.

Sex and relationships. Gone are the days when men peaked at 18. Thanks to science, men (and their partners) can enjoy healthy sexual relationships well into their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond. By maintaining the health of your circulatory system, you can help enhance the quality of your sex life for the long term. For more information on sexual health, see pages 18 - 19.

Stress prevention. Stress is unavoidable with an active life. For good health, you need to manage the negative effects of stress such as headaches, stomach upsets, insomnia, irritability, changes in eating habits and elevated blood pressure. To offset them maintain a flexible attitude by recognizing that you can’t control everything. If you also use relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation - and exercise regularly, eat healthy and get adequate rest - you can make sure your full life is a healthy one, too.

Overall healthy measures. Last but not least, be sure to have a yearly check up. Discuss with your physician your key health concerns and any changes you make to your health regimen. And of course, be sure to follow medical advice.

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