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7 Ways The Prostate Formula Will Change Your Life

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Men, are you tired of endless trips to the toilet? Have you tried countless supplements in the past with little to no effect? Are your bathroom habits impacting your relationships? Worry no more!

The Prostate Formula isn’t just another cookie-cutter product. It’s developed by doctors and carefully formulated to bring you a comprehensive blend of whole herbs, vitamins, amino acids and zinc to naturally support healthy prostate function.*

Here are 7 ways it’s changing the lives of men around the globe.

1. It Reduces the Need for Frequent Trips to the Toilet*

Whether you’re going for a walk with family, spending time with friends or enjoying a relaxing evening by yourself, there’s nothing more frustrating than running to the bathroom twice an hour.

Instead of countless trips, The Prostate Formula may help you to fully empty your bladder when you go.*

This reduces the number of trips you need to feel relieved, helping you get on with your day without visiting the bathroom.*

2. It Lessens the Discomfort of Urinary Urges*

Urinary urges are frustrating, but they’re also extremely uncomfortable (especially when you’re busy).

The Prostate Formula contains a natural bioactive source of beta-sitosterol, which may help reduce the frequency and severity of your urge to go.*

This increases the amount of time between each trip to the toilet, allowing you to take back control of your restroom habits.*

3. It Gives You All the Benefits Without The Downside of Chemicals

With today’s medical and scientific advancements, doctors are finding more cures than ever before, and new ways to fight diseases that used to be fatal. Modern medicine is great, right?

Well...yes and no!

While modern medicine is amazing, it can also have some downsides. This is why Real Health uses premium ingredients from Nature to help support prostate health.*

Each tablet is packed with carefully selected ingredients including saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, selenium, and pomegranate, each scientifically researched and shown to proactively reduce the impact of an aging prostate.*

Studies have shown these ingredients may help slow down prostate growth — the leading cause of prostate problems.

4. Scientifically Tested Ingredients to Produce Results*

A lot of products on the market promise perfect results overnight. “No more prostate problems,” “Your prostate fixed in only 30 days” – you get the point.

The problem is, very few of them are backed by long-term research — you know, that important little thing that tells us whether or not a product actually works!

Not only is The Prostate Formula scientifically backed by almost 30 years of research, but it’s been used by doctors, pharmacists, and thousands of men across America to help maintain their prostate health and improve their overall quality of life.*

So if you want a supplement that has continuously delivered for decades, Real Health is the real deal.

5. It Powers Up Your Sexual Prowess*

We understand that this is a really sensitive topic, but honestly, we feel it needs to be spoken about more often.

When left unchecked, prostate problems can seriously impact your performance in the bedroom.*

They’ve been linked to a decrease in sex drive, trouble maintaining an erection, and less satisfaction with performance. Luckily, you can avoid these issues by being proactive.*

By beginning to take The Prostate Formula before you experience any issues, you can help ease bladder problems before they spoil your sex life.*

6. It Helps You Reignite Your Youth*

In the past, your prostate would likely begin to enlarge at around 40. By 50, the problems would start to emerge, and by 60, they’d drive you crazy.

But that was the past. Now we have modern science to help us fight back.

Despite prostate enlargement being a natural part of life, the carefully formulated ingredients in The Prostate Formula can help you maintain a normal prostate size.*

As a result, your prostate may function more as it did when you were younger, helping you go about your day with less bathroom breaks.*

7. It Means Less Pees, More ZZZs (And Fewer Arguments with Your Wife)

A bad night's sleep is never fun, no matter how old you are. And there’s nothing more frustrating than being woken up in the night to pee.

You go to the toilet, come back and now you’re mad because you’re awake. To make things worse, you’ve woken up your partner and now they’re mad at you too. Breakfast is going to be awkward…

The Prostate Formula helps lessen how frequently you need to use the bathroom while helping to keep urges to a minimum. You’ll be sleeping like a baby every night and wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.*

With thousands of daily users, The Prostate Formula has been reported to produce both short- and long-term benefits, but we always advise taking three tablets a day for 60 to 90 days. This will ensure you have more time to experience the full range of benefits.

Don’t Wait! The Clock is Ticking

By taking a proactive approach, you can help reduce the risk of prostate problems and dramatically improve the quality of your life.* Not only will you feel better about yourself, but you’ll be happier when spending time with those around you.

And if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, Real Health offers a 120-day money-back guarantee. Feel the difference or get your money back! You have nothing to lose and many years of youthful confidence to gain.

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